This Dad Brought Back the Cutest First Grade Memento for His Son’s High School Graduation

Lead Photo: Creative Commons "Pikachu” by Marco Verch is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Creative Commons "Pikachu” by Marco Verch is licensed under CC BY 2.0
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With graduation season in full swing, we often come across incredibly heartwarming stories about family, sacrifice, and resilience. So when Dylan Olivo shared his touching story on social media, he had Twitter tearing up. Back in first grade, Olivo made his dad a Pokémon tie for Father’s Day. More than a decade later, Dylan’s dad wore the colorful, Pikachu-themed necktie to graduation.

“Since I loved Pokémon at the time (still do), I decided why not have him wear a tie of something that I like?” Olivo told BuzzFeed about designing the tie as a kid. “He wrote the tie to show he had it and to reflect that I am officially a high school graduate and not the child I was when I made the tie.”

Dylan suspected that his dad may don the tie, but it still made him incredibly happy to see it. “I was so excited and full of joy at graduation that it brought my spirits even higher seeing it,” he said. And obviously, the tie made Robert the best dressed dad at the ceremony, too.