Meet The Instituto Gráfico de Chicago: Artists Advancing the Legacy of Latino Printmaking

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Image: “Sta. Cecilia,” linocut by Antonio Pazaran.

The newly founded, Pilsen-based Instituto Grafico de Chicago (IGC) is a group of printmakers that meets to cut blocks and ink in the hood – and to promote the tradition of Latino printmaking along the way.  Their ambitions are alive and well as they plan for the first ever “Grabadolandia”- a printmaking festival this Fall at the National Museum of Mexican Art. The collaborative of over 30 local and international print makers are looking to bring out young people and community to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of Jose Guadalupe Posada‘s death. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, you have surely seen his work in what became  the iconic stamp of the Mexican black and white calaveras.

Their dope kickstarter campaign tells you everything you need to know about the local group who dreamed of this institute and the exchanges of art that are happening – and how you can contribute to bring artists from Mexico and more to the Chi.

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