Watch Prada’s Net Art-Inspired S/S 2015 Ad Feat. Music From Arca

Earlier this month, Prada released part of the advertising campaign for their Spring/Summer collection. As part of their season proposal, the Italian fashion house once again invited Art + Commerce to direct a brief little ad that’s currently doing its rounds on the web, featuring a soundtrack by Arca. The sound is very in line with what we’ve been used to hearing from him lately, as far as abstract beats with dark, cave-reverbing instruments.

This piece is awesome but not surprising from the production end. The people from Art + Commerce have been working with Prada for a couple of years now, and as far as Arca, it’s all pretty comparable to his collab with Jesse Kanda on TRAUMA (Scene 1), although a hell of a lot more glamorous and vibrant (as opposed to dark and crazy). I do, however, think it’s worth recognizing that Prada, a brand with a long and classic tradition in haute couture, is always daring in its efforts to innovate.

This direction they’ve chosen is pushing their aesthetic motives into new areas of the post-internet era.