Prez of Argentina Sez, Just Add Pork!

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Argentine president Cristina Fernandez Kirchner has put on numerous hats over the years; from a lawyer to first lady and now leader of a regional power.

Yesterday, she also became a sex expert.

At a meeting with Argentine businessmen and women, the president announced that eating pork can be a great way to get the motor running in bed. She even stated that she tried this advice herself with passionate results over the weekend. As expected, the audience reacted with surprise, especially since Argentines are known for their massive beef consumption. Kirchner also stated that eating roasted pork was better than Viagra.

While the world at large has never looked at pork this way, one thing is clear; Kirchner is easily hotter than most heads of state.  Sure, some might construe this as a sexist way to look at things, but there is nothing wrong with acknowledging a woman’s curves as well as her aptitude. Just look at  those legs.

Aside from her hot pork injections, Kirchner has been under fire recently for her attempts to remove the head of the central bank as well as other controversies. Maybe she can offer a big plate of pork to her enemies and smooth things over? It worked with her husband…