Pro-Trump Latino Celebs Still Supporting & Spreading Disinformation After President’s Election Loss

Lead Photo: Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images
Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images
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Houston-based rapper and comedian Chingo Bling shocked some of his fans late last month when he revealed on social media that he was a closeted Donald Trump supporter.

Post-election, Bling and other pro-Trump Latino celebrities continue to back the president as he and his team of lawyers file frivolous lawsuits across the country. They argue, without evidence, that widespread fraud is the only reason Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election.

Since coming out as a Trump supporter and after Trump’s loss, Bling has been called a “traitor” and “sellout” by people online.

“Latino Hollywood has done a disservice to the Latino community by forcing a narrative that we should only vote one way forever,” Bling wrote on Twitter. “Gives us zero leverage. Y por eso estamos como estamos! #gullible.”

While Bling hasn’t posted anything specific about the actual election and how Trump has refused to concede, his fellow pro-Trump Latino supporters like UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal think something suspicious is happening. He has posted his thoughts, some of which have been officially labeled by Twitter as misleading or disputed.

“Stop counting the ballots magically appearing,” Masvidal wrote. He also posted, “The media state has declared Joe Biden the President. I wonder when Trump gonna drop the hammer to fix the scorecard?”

Former UFC fighter Tito Ortiz is also spreading misinformation online. Ortiz, who was just elected to the Huntington Beach city council last week, has been labeled by Instagram as posting false information. “The integrity of this country has been compromised! The truth will set us Free,” Ortiz wrote along with a video that has since been removed. Ortiz is also promoting an Instagram page called “2020 Election Leaks” that is posting conspiracy theories.

Colombian-American rapper Lil’ Pump, who was introduced by Trump on stage at a rally in Michigan last week as “Little Pimp,” threw his MAGA hat into the disinformation campaign, too. He told his 1.1 million Twitter followers that despite Biden winning the election, Trump would still come out on top.

“Remain calm,” Pump wrote. “Remain patient. Have trust in the system. Our man will be re-elected. #Trump202020 ESSKEETIT.”