Profile: 5 Latino Swing State Voters

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Photo credit: Marco Grob for TIME

Brace yourself America, Remezcla profiles the 5 States that are most likely to be decided by the Latino vote during tomorrow’s election.

Nerd note ahead: OF COURSE, everyone should head out there tomorrow and vote. But, according to the interactive, these are the tied states with most eligible Latino voters (read: 200,000+ eligible voters) and most Electoral votes up for grabs.

1. The Florida Latino voter: One out of approx. 2,100,000 eligible voters. Most likely Puerto Rican or Cuban-American. He’s probably sitting with a cigar or eating some arroz con gandules, cause he’s got many things on his mind. First, he’s trying not to feel the weight of those 29 Electoral votes, second, he’s thinking of ways to avoid 5-hour voting lines & fake bomb threats. Not to mention, the general concern over the state’s high unemployment & foreclosure rates. Sounds good to be the Florida Latino voter, no? Ball’s in your court!

2. Arizona Latino voter: Though this is historically a red state, the crackdown on immigration may have stirred one or two of 1 Million eligible Latino voters  in the color-morphing state. Most likely of Mexican origin, according to the PEW Hispanic Demographics, the Arizona Latino voter should make sure he/she isn’t one of the 50-or-so people who were issued Voter IDs with the wrong Election dates printed. If it were solely up to the Arizona Latino voter and his/her peers, the largest growing voting block in the state, AZ might go (almost 80%) B-L-U-E.

3. The Colorado Latino voter: With 10% of the almost 500 thousand eligible Latino voters undecided, Colorado‘s profile seems more varied. Mostly of Mexican origin as well, the Colorado Latino voter is worried about the economy, immigration, health care and education. This one’s a tough call. On one side, there’s John Hamm in his sexy scruff urging Colorado to vote [for the Pres]. On the other side, Romney’s Spanish-speaking son, Craig, takes a swing at wooing the Latino voter. Who’s more charming, Colorado?

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4. The Pennsylvania Latino voter: Stumped amidst the almost-all-blue Northeast, there are over 300 thousand Latino voters eligible to vote this year. PEW Hispanic reports that the top demographic for the Penn Latino voter consists  of Puerto Ricans, Mexicans & Dominicans. With around 20 Electoral votes at stake, the Latino voter should head to the polls, apparently with or without Voter ID, and give the “State of Independence” a swing of sabor. If they’re having a tough time deciding, maybe our Best Campaign Button battle will help them decide…

5. The Virgina Latino voter: Here’s a newsflash from Wiki, Hispanic citizens in Virginia have higher median household incomes and educational attainment than the general Virginia population. Though the last update on the Latino Vote Map last Monday said that this state is tied 48.0 % for both candidates, we bet the Latino voter will be smart enough to head out of the home, run through the expected crowds of late-campaign-I-want-your-vote-shennanigans, and cast a decisive ballot.

And though Illinois didn’t make our TOP 5 for having just under the 200 thousand eligible voter cutoff, we’re giving a special swing-state go-vote! shout out to our Chicago readers in Illinois, and of course our Miami readers in Florida.