Proposed Avocado Emoji Brings Latinos One Step Closer to World Domination

Lead Photo: Objects W/ Faces
Objects W/ Faces
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We’re about to take over this whole emoji game. After it was announced we would finally get the taco (bell) emoji, Unicode has now made it known that they are working on their latest batch, which includes an avocado, according to The New York Times. Other proposed emojis include a carrot, a non-3D black heart, and a creepy clown that I hope to never see on my phone. Mostly, I’m just rooting for the avocado emoji to happen.

These emojis are currently under review, which is a months-long process, so who knows if we’ll ever see them. The NYT article details how an emoji eventually gets on our phones, but the juicy stuff is when Mark Davis, the 63-year-old co-founder of Unicode Consortium, tiptoes around the fact that the eggplant emoji has become a dick emoji. “It’s not a language, but conceivably, it could develop into one, like Chinese did,” he said. “Pictures can acquire a particular meaning in a particular culture. I’ll mention the infamous eggplant emoji, which has gotten to have a particular meaning in American culture, one which is not shared in a lot of cultures.”

 Read the entire piece here to learn more about the emoji journey.