Ryan Gosling or D'Marquesina?

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Our friend Alexis sent us a link to an entry on popular girlie blog Jezebel in which the author gushes about sighting Ryan Gosling at Happy Ending bar in the Lower East Side the night before, drinking PBR and all! The unsuspecting blogger writes abour her nervousness at seeing one of her favorite actors en vivo y a todo color, although weirded out by his “fake accent” and fake “dreadlocks fusion tied to his short hair.” Fake accent, eh? Yes, she’s sure of it: “I know that it was indeed a fake accent because toward the end of the night, when I finally talked to him for real, he started talking normally,” she writes.

As of last night, the blog entry had been seen more than 15,000 times and with almost 200 comments of gals concurring that indeed it had to be him, and that Ryan is their #1 fuckable actor too. If they only knew this is the one and only D’Marquesina music maker and smooth dancer (how could they not mention his rakata dancing moves? hasta abajo!) Yes, our corillo member D’marquesina indeed has a creepy, eerie resemblance to the former Mouseketeer-turned-heartthrob The Notebook actor.

Its not uncommon for our Puerto Rican visual artist/reggaetonero-lover to get stopped on the streets and clubs, mistaken for Ryan. And he usually plays along saying his accent and dreadlocks are part of a new role. And the Jezebel girls bought into it, and so many others have too. In fact, several of the comments in Jezebel mention “I also saw Ryan…wearing the same dreads! dreamy!” D’Marquesina, they have been following your every move, hundreds of them! Funny thing is, we’ve been told D’Marquesina saw the real Ryan in the street once, and told him about his double-life as Ryan impersonator. We can only imagine Ryan saying “Dude, thanks for distracting my crazy fans away from me.”

Gals, if you want to see D’Marquesina en acción, head over to WestSide Tavern on June 21st for the first official installment of D’Marquesina parties, where Mr. D’Marquesina will be spinning reggaetón, bachata, rock en español and other kitsch favorites, for your dancing pleasure. More details to be announced here in Remezcla soon.

Photos below of D’Marquesina taking over the one’s and two’s at Nacotheque party (Fontana’s basement) and of “Ryan” and corillo at Happy Ending the night of the Jezebel sighting.