Que Viva [Insert Country] [Insert Expletive]!!!

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It’s time to dust off those flags and celebrate “Mes de la Patria!” Parades, music, food, speeches…In September, many Latin American countries celebrate their independence: Brazil (September 7), Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua (all on September 15), Mexico (September 16), Chile (September 18), and Belize (September 21).

In September, suddenly national pride becomes everyone’s main concern. Who can scream “Que viva mi pais!” with the most fervor? If you’re worried you don’t know that much about your country of origin and need some  ideas, we’re here to help. Just watch the following videos, from official national anthems, government propaganda, to fanatic odes to the motherland, embrace nostalgia and feel oh-so-proud….and brainwashed.

Mexico: a lil’ niño called David Calderón (no relation to the  current prez, unfortunately) belts it out.

Belize: We’re not sure whether to count it as Latin America, but this booty shakin’ makes us want to!

Chile: Let’s forget about historical turmoil and celebrate gauchos and the Andes.

Guatemela: Orgulloso de ser chapin…a primer to get the facts straight!!!

El Salvador: Greetings from the beach…but listen closely to the message.

Honduras: Oracion del hondureño = A call to arms from God.

Costa Rica: Tico de Corazón. The light is so soft in this land.

Nicaragua: Foreigners especially love our “hymns” and “folklore.”  So we teach them.