Buh-bye DOMA, Hello Pride!

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Pride Month is coming to a close and this year we have even more reasons to get out, pop a few (okay, a lot) bottles of bubbly and raise our flags high to the sky. The Supreme Court finally got some sense and deemed the Defense Of Marriage Act just-plain-wrong as well as stopping the appeal on Prop 8, further allowing gay marriage in the state of California.

Can we get a worldwide woop-woop in here?! It’s not only a day for the LGBT community but a day for Civil Rights! With the world watching, America joined the list of progressing nations such as the ever-friendly Scandinavians, South Africa, New Zealand and a little closer to home with Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil!

In honor of Pride, or just damn good storytelling, The San Francisco Weekly published a facinating piece depicting the journey of four Latino gay and transgender immigrants in their own words: Cuéntamelo: An Oral History of Queer Latin Immigrants in San Francisco. Frank tales of homelessness, prostitution, AIDS and fabulous ground-breaking drag shows set in the late 1980’s where the face of gay America was going through serious changes. These Cubanos and Puertorriqueños struggled, overcame, reincarnated and helped pave the way for LGBT immigrants and nationals alike.

Check out the beautiful photos and full article HERE!