See All the Ways You Can Fail to Make a Quesadilla in This Hilarious, But Kinda Frustrating Video

Lead Photo: Photo by © / Moment
Photo by © / Moment
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Making a basic quesadilla should be super simple. (This is if you’re not talking about Mexico City, where cheese isn’t an inherent quality of quesadillas, but that’s a discussion for another day.) You have a corn or flour tortilla and you stuff it with cheese. It’s not a complicated recipe, but when the folks over at Epicurious put 50 people to the test, hilarity ensued.

In the video, titled “50 People Try to Make a Quesadilla,” participants are given tortillas, cheese and a hot plate and told to have at it. Some greased the pan; others, skipped this vital step. One person even decided to put cheese down first. At the end, as is customary in this hit Epicurious series, a professional chef showed us how it’s done.

Check it out below, but just know, you might be kinda frustrated.