This Boy’s Quince Does Not Give a Fuck About Your Boring-Ass Gender Norms

Lead Photo: Photo by GemaBlanton/ iStock / Getty Images Plus
Photo by GemaBlanton/ iStock / Getty Images Plus
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Generally, we think of quinceañeras as coming-of-age parties for young Latin and Latin American women. But recently, two sisters decided they didn’t have time for boring-ass gender norms and threw her brother an impromptu quinceañera. And they filmed it all for us, because the internet is great like that sometimes. The video opens with Jonathan Teo wearing a blush-colored dress. Regardless, the Salvadoran-American teen gets ready and poses for pictures before the quaint ceremony begins. 17-year-old Jonathan is clearly feeling his look, because he kisses his bicep. The event kicks off with well-accessorized Jonathan dancing to Chayanne’s “Tiempo de Vals” with sister Ashley. He then moved onto a father-daughter dance with his other sister, who goes by @Priseely on Twitter.

And then the event gets even better from there, because @Priseely gives a speech and partakes in a surprise dance with her bro. Check the whole quince below several times, because it’s an instant classic: