Radiohead Hearts Anita Tijoux

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It’s nice to get compliments. Radiohead‘s Thom Yorke took a break from bashing BP and other environmentally-threatening, bedeviled entities to make a fun list! On Radiohead’s website, Yorke mentions Chilean-French (Chilench?) rhymer Anita Tijoux as a current music fave, in the #1 spot no less. Apparently, he’s been feeling Tijoux’s title track 1977″ (FUN FACT: also the year she was born). And she’s in good company, too. Bjork, Aphex Twin, and John Coltrane also made the “office chart,” Yorke’s list of recent favorites.

New Yorkers can see what Yorke’s raving about in July when Tijoux performs alongside Bostich & Fussible and El Guincho at Central Park’s SummerStage. And check out her video below for the catchy “1977.” But don’t hate us when you can’t stop belting “197shhhh.”

And yes, homegirl is wearing an Adidas track suit and Public Enemy t-shirt. Old school.