White Woman Files Lawsuit Questioning Citizenship of Newly Elected Arizona Rep. Raquel Terán

Lead Photo: Photo by Lokibaho / E+
Photo by Lokibaho / E+
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During President Barack Obama’s tenure, now-President Donald Trump constantly questioned his citizenship. Obama, who was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, is of Kenyan descent. Unfortunately, Obama’s not the only politician who has had his background questioned because of ties to other (non-European) countries. Raquel Terán, who was elected into Arizona’s House of Representatives last week, is facing her own birther movement. But the politician, who was born in Douglas, Arizona, said a lawsuit challenging her citizenship won’t shake her up.

“I will not be intimidated by this harassment and really the psychological warfare designed to exclude people like me or the voices of the constituents I look forward to serving. When January comes, I’m going to be right there,” Terán said, according to NBC News.

Last week, Alice Novoa filed a lawsuit, which stated that Terán was not born in the United States, for the second time against the politician. Novoa filed the first lawsuit in 2012, but a judge dismissed it. Novoa, who has failed in her attempt to become Arizona’s secretary of state as a write-in candidate, has previously said that immigrants want to “take back the Southwest” for Mexico.