RBD member is G-A-Y

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Christian Chavez of Mexican uber-cheesy pop group RBD is gay.  And?  Dude released an official statement today explaining how he no longer wishes to hide this secret, blah blah blah.  But who is really shocked?  Apparently some people…

We’ve done our share of blog reading this morning, and the supposedly “shocking” pictures of Christian are of a very private (looks like a hotel room?) wedding in Canada.  Clothes are on, they appear relatively composed, and they don’t even kiss!  C’mon, we expected something racier.  Anyway, for your viewing and reading pleasure:

Christian’s Statement in English
Comunicado de Christian en español

What the bloggers are saying:
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The funniest thing about the statement is that he never really specifies what he’s talking about, but hey, we can’t blame him.  Wonder what all those 12-year-old girls who were in love with him are thinking now.

Anyway, again, we’re not too shocked, but cool that there’s a young openly gay Mexican pop star.  Even if his “music” sucks…