Contest: Recognize this video for fun and profit

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Hey there, Remezclanistas! We’re launching a new weekly contest and we think you’ll approve. See that screenshot up there? It’s from a classic Latin music video. We’re not gonna tell you which one, but don’t fret: we’ll be giving you a clue on Wednesday.

But just identifying the video isn’t enough!

On Friday, we’ll be asking you a question related to the video on our Facebook page. First one to answer the trivia question correctly wins a prize. Are you a big enough music junkie to win?


Our first prize comes to us from New York artist M. Tony Peralta, whose t-shirts, prints, and exhibitions have helped to shape the current artistic and cultural upheaval in the primarily Hispanic neighborhood of Washington Heights. (Dominicanos stand up!) Fresh off of his first solo show, Complejo, at the Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance (NoMAA), Peralta has offered us an exclusive print of his new work Moorish Rule, a tribute to the oft forgotten contributions of Eastern and North African Muslims to Hispanic culture, due to their over-seven-hundred year reign over the Iberian Peninsula – yes, that means Spain, or, as they called it, Al-Andalus. (Ever wondered why ojalá means “God willing”? I’ll give you a hint: the same phrase in Arabac is inshallah.) With Moorish Rule, Peralta gives us a much-needed reminder that African and Non-European influence on Latin culture began long before slaves were brought to the New World.

So once more (Once Moor?):

  • The screenshot above is from a classic video.
  • We’ll give you another hint Wednesday.
  • On Friday, we’ll ask a trivia question related to the video on our Facebook wall.
  • If you’re a fan of us on Facebook and are the first one to answer correctly, you’ll win this beautiful, exclusive print.
  • If you’re not a fan, you lose. Are you a loser? We didn’t think so.
  • The Moors ruled Spain for over seven hundred years.
  • Check back next week for our next video screenshot, and our next glorious prize.