Regalitos de Remezcla: Art Giveaway!

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Last summer, beer aficionados and music fans came together to celebrate the U.S. launch of Mexican-made Indio beer, when the brand partnered with our friends at Vice magazine to launch the Hola Indio concert tour.

With a broad-ranging lineup of artists (including Dani Shivers, Feathers, DJ Orión, Bufi, Love Inks, and more), displays of artwork, and of course, enough Indio beer to keep everybody hydrated and happy, the tour was a huge success. But perhaps the coolest part about it was the focus on showcasing and celebrating the fusion between Mexican and American music, art, & culture. To that end, donations from the event benefited the National Museum of Mexican Art, and every tour stop also featured one-of-a-kind collaborative art works created by a group of extremely talented Mexican and U.S.-based artists.

As a special treat for our readers, Remezcla is now giving away one of these amazing pieces, which is the result of a collaboration between Mexico-based artist Mr. Kone and Los Angeles-based Florencio Zavala (who was a former Creative Director at cool kid street wear brand OBEY):

Check out a video below about how this piece came to be, and enter to win the painting!

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