Remezcla Editor's Show is a New York Times Critic's Pick

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Now, I’m not one to toot my own horn (much), but it’s kind of cool to me that the show I’m in at The Flea Theater, These Seven Sicknesses, is getting awesome reviews including one from the New York Times, which called us “a show that feels above all else entertaining and fresh. That’s no small feat, considering its marathon length and 2,400-year-old roots.”

Oh, yeah. The show is a funny, touching, bloody, sexy update of ancient Greek dude Sophocles’ seven surviving plays – Oedipus Rex, The Trachinae, Oedipus at Colonus, Philoktetes, Ajax, Elektra, and Antigone – put up by The Flea Theater’s young, diverse resident company, The Bats. And I’m not the only Latino in the show, either: the (taller, sexier) Victor Ortiz from Miami via San Juan plays Herakles (or Hercules, depending on whether or not you were into Kevin Sorbo or that Disney cartoon). I play the part of Haemon in Antigone.

So yeah, the show is long, but there’s food! And booze! And sexy half naked people!

You should come on out! In fact, check out the trailers below. Okay, consider my horn tooted.