Remezcla on East Village Radio

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I had the pleasure of being a guest at East Village Radio today, at the Brazilian music show Sonzera Pura, hosted by Joel Oliveira, Artur Ratton, and Fred Vannucci, and airing on Sundays from 8am to 10am on

For today’s show, Joel, the owner of awesome Brazilian record store Tropicalia in Furs in the East Village, invited yours truly as well as Raquel Berrios aka DJ La Mixta aka Team Puerto Rico leader, to join him at the tiny EVR studio on First Avenue and show him a bit about Latino garage and funk. Raquel is a Sonzera Pura regular, winning, in my opinion, Sonzera Pura’s first Latin VS Brazilian music battle last October. Raquel is always showing off her vast knowledge of classic and rare 60s and 70s Latin boogaloo, salsa, funk and disco and she always blows me away with her vinyl collection.

Since we were in SXSW recently, I introduced Raquel and Joel to my own recent discovery: Choc Quib Town, the hip hop group from Colombia’s Pacific Coast, whose new album Oro is just as great as the group is live on stage.

Listen to Sonzera Pura’s latest show here, and below is our playlist of the show.

Playlist for Sonzera Pura on 04.05.09
Artist –  Track
Eddie Palmieri – The Mod Scene (Lo Que Pasa Hoy en Dia)
Santana – Borboletta
Frank Ferrer – Aleluyah
Quarteto Forma – O Primeiro Amor
Bobby Valentin – Coco Seco
Renato e Seus Blue Caps – Nega Neguinha
Frank Ferrer – Yo Se
Azimuth – Tamborin Cuica Ganza Berimbau
Dave Cortez – Happy Soul With A Hook
Tim Maia – Quer Queira
Bobby Cruz – Consiguelo Todo
Meireies Sua Orquesta – Also Sprach Zarathustra
Antibalas – Che Che Cole
Choc Quib Town –  El Bombo
Los Sonset – Tema Sonset 67’
Los Yorks – Abrazame Baby
Tom e Sergio – Vou Sair Do Cautiveiro
Flavio Kurt – Walderez Wanderleia
Los Gritos – Cuidado Con Las Senoras
Os Mutantes – Mande Un Barco Pra Velha
Davila 666 – Basura
Brazilian Bitles – Gata
Davila 666 – Callejon
Gal Costa – Com Medo Con Pedro
Los Comandos – Eleva Tu Mente
Los Holys – Psicodelico Desconocido
Conjunto El Opio – Pusher
Loice e os Gnomos – Era Uma Nota De Cinquenta
Frank Ferrer – Tema de Juan