Remezclanista Halloween Costumes

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Twitter: @BarbotRobot

At Remezcla, we take Halloween muy, muy, pero muy en serio, and we’re not letting a hurricane get in the way. We asked readers and fans to leave pics of their Latin Halloween costumes on our wall, to email us at, or to tweet us at hashtag #RMZHalloween. We’ll be posting more as we get them – keep ’em coming!

@zapoteco131 from Fullerton is the Blue Demon.

@tvirrueta and his lady friend make a charming Chavo del Ocho and Chilindrina

Andres Diaz sent us this picture of his Jesus Costume. We tried to restore it, but we may have made a terrible mistake.

Our friend @jennyleeisme and her hubby are going the artistic route. We love Frida, and we’ve had a few Dalí run-ins this year.

@djdus of Peligrosa All-Stars is reppin’ Machete.

Our designer Katro’s taste for oranges is regular like clockwork.

Me, @BarbotRobot, a few years ago. More like a Día de los Muertos costume than a Halloween costume…

Editorial intern @danieluh had a similar idea.

Remezcla Editor Andrea Gompf (@AndreaGompf ) celebrated Sandy by dressing up as Danny.

Remezcla production wizard and film buff @AngMdza’s authentic Tijuana chihuahua puppy Bodhisattva Mendoza dressed as a luchador.