Remezcla’s Altar de Muertos 2012

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Each year at this time, Mexicans and Mexican Americans celebrate Día de los Muertos in remembrance of lost loved ones and in celebration of life. The holiday is connected to the Catholic tradition of All Saint’s Day and ancient Aztec parties in honor of the goddess Mictecacihuatl (say that five times fast). Part of the tradition is to build beautiful Altares de Muertos, altars commemorating the dearly departed, with offerings of tequila, pan de muertos, flowers, and anything else the loved ones – whose pictures the altar is adorned with – may like.

Click here to learn how to make your own altar.

We at Remezcla decided to create our own 2012 Altar de Muertos to look back at some things we’ve lost. Please. A moment of silence.

Vicente Fernandez’s singing career, 1966-2012
Rhea Perlman and Danny Devito’s marriage, 2012
Mitt Romney’s credibility with Non-Cuban Latinos, ? – 2012
Zumba’s credibility with Gringos, 2001-2012 (see: Maine sex scandal)
Your Chance to Date Sofia Vergara, August 30, 2012
The DREAM Act, 2012
Possibility of A-Rod – Yankees divorce, 2012

In Memoriam 2012

Carlos Fuentes (1928-2012)
Pedro Armendariz Jr. (19440-2011)
Lupe Ontiveros (1942-2012)
Chavela Vargas (1919-2012)
Pascual Pérez (1957-2012)