Remezcla’s Greatest Hits – February 2012

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A monthly recap of Remezcla’s greatest hits. Here’s what you guys loved in February, the month that gets an extra day stuck on it every four years. Happy Leap Year!


5. Valentine’s Piropos to Get Slapped For

You guys are perverts.


4. Recap of Ricky Martin’s appearance on Glee, from someone that doesn’t watch Glee

I can’t wait until Gloria Estefan is on. I’m not watching Glee again until then.


3. La Casa Azul Bookstore to Accept Books This Week

You guys flew your philanthropic flag and showed your support. We’re told a number of people donated books and told Aurora Anaya-Cerda that they’d come to donate because of Remezcla. It makes our cold, shriveled hearts swell to hear that.


2. El Chavo del Ocho is World’s Richest Huerfano

Seriously. He’s rich.


1. A Non-Cuban’s Guide to Ordering Breakfast at a Cuban Bodega

Remezcla’s new Miami writer Ric Delgado’s premiere article had quite the showing.