Respiratory Nurse Is the First Person To Receive Vaccine in Puerto Rico & More in Today’s News

Lead Photo: Close-Up Of Doctor Filling Medical Injection. Getty Images
Close-Up Of Doctor Filling Medical Injection. Getty Images
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Here’s your glimpse at what’s going on today:

    • Just one day after the Electoral College affirmed Joe Biden’s victory, Sen. Mitch McConnell finally acknowledged Biden’s win and congratulated him. The move comes weeks after he failed to do so, allowing Trump to make false claims that casted doubt over the election. [CNN]
    • Congressional leaders have reportedly closed on an agreement over Coronavirus relief measure that could bring nearly $900 billion to the economy. Top Republicans and Democrats came together on a plan that would include direct stimulus payments to Americans and additional unemployment benefits. [NYT]
    • Save for a few exceptions, big businesses have flourished during the pandemic. A Post analysis found that 45 of the 50 biggest U.S. companies turned a profit since March, when the outbreak began heavily affecting the economy and causing small businesses to shutter. Still, the Post found that 27 of the 50 largest companies laid people off and cut more than 100,000 workers. [WaPo]
    • The Hispanic Caucus is pushing for a way to fund a proposed Latino history museum after Republican Sen. Mike Lee of Utah blocked voice votes for that effort and for a women’s history museum last week. The Caucus sent a letter Monday to House and Senate leaders asking them to include the museum in the relief spending bill Congress is trying to pass. [NBC Latino]
    • A blizzard is expected to hit the Northeast and weather experts are projecting it will be the biggest snowstorm in years. Blizzard-like conditions are expected in the northeast states and in the mid-Atlantic, people can expect a mix of snow, ice and rain. [CBS]
    • COVID-19 has exposed huge health disparities among Black and Latino populations, and a wave of evictions is now threatening those communities in particular. A federal eviction ban expires at the end of the month, leaving many people vulnerable, and health experts have pointed out that those who are evicted end up at a higher risk of getting the virus. [Politico]
    • Yahaira Alicea, a respiratory doctor who treated two of Puerto Rico’s first COVID-19 patients, became the first person on the island to receive a vaccine against the virus. She encouraged others to get the vaccine when they can. “This is what we want, for this pandemic to end,” Alicea said. “Don’t be afraid.” [AP]