Ricardo Seco Releases Limited Edition Huichol Leather Biker Jackets

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Businessman-turned-fashion designer Ricardo Seco is once again weaving classic Huichol embroidery into his work. A week ago, Seco shared his newest Wixa biker jacket, which will be available for a limited time.

Seco, who debuted at NYFW a few years ago, has made his name through a collection of creative partnerships. As the creative director of Converse Mexico, the Torreon native mixed his designs with the iconic Chuck Taylor sneaker. Last year, for his Fall/Winter collection, he debuted beaded Huichol-inspired New Balance sneakers.

“My collection Dreams is a collaboration with Wixárika, an indigenous community in Mexico known for their beadwork,” he told Cultura Colectiva about the collection. “As they create each beaded piece, the artisans put their dreams into their work. ”

Describing the way he incorporated Wixárika influences into contemporary designs, Seco’s website states, “..Wixárika blends color and in this collection makes the perfect combination with the black, white, and grey combined with textures of suede, leather, cotton, neoprene, and silk.”

At least one of the models wears a jacket with the Huichol beading on the sleeve.

Ricardo Seco also has a project called Yo Soy Mexico, which leverages his NYC fashion industry connections to provide opportunities for Mexican talent in artistic disciplines such as design, music, photography and visual arts.