Rita Indiana: The new face of Diesel?

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Electro-mambera Rita Indiana is the newest face of Diesel’s Be Stupid campaign. Fittingly so, since all her songs have an outlandish quality to them. But in this snippet of a promo, for Diesel watches, Rita Indiana–who just released El Juidero and is tearing up the Latin iTunes charts–bops along with her go go dancers, using the marketed watches as choreography props, all to the club-crazy tune of “La Hora de Volver” (get it….get it?). It’s quite possibly one of the more awkward integrations of the Latin market into corporate branding I have ever encountered. Oh Diesel…you’re so hip with your inclusion of obscure Latin hipsters! And how kitschy, how edgy of you!

So is Ms. Indiana a sell out or just makin’ that paper? Judge for yourself, watch the hyper-short acidy ad below.

Download El Juidero at