Rita Indiana says: Death to el Feisbu

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And now, in marrrdita news: Rita Indiana is making fun of your Facebook obsession with her new song “Maldito Feisbu”. The best thing to come out of the Dominican Republic since the concept of a bodega, the lateral-thinking songstress has penned a sardonic hate letter to Mark Zuckerberg’s Little House of Online Horrors. While beats-wise, the song resembles more  simple Miti Miti and Casifull than her rhythmically layered work in Los Misterios, the punch comes courtesy of the lyrics. Here are some quotable samples:

“Si no puedo cambiar ese estatu me lo mocho.”
“Yo tengo lo’ password pa’ hackearte toa tu’ cuenta/Pa’ mandarle plebería al mail de Óscar De La Renta.”
“Mi vida sexuarrr ej’ inessssitente/De’de que me paso lo’ día’ allá viendo gente.”

I’m running right now to the craft store to get some green thread, because I’m embroidering those quotes on my tea towels right now.

But of course, what’s a Rita Indiana song without some sort of genre-bending Latin music? The requisite ritindianístico pastiche is alive and well in the lyrics. Just when your ear got used to the Dominican accents, “Te tengo en la mira, carnal. Te vi, güey. Tengo tu passwoooord” comes and blows you a-güey. I love this woman.


VIA: La+keproduce