At 83 Years Old, Rita Moreno Still Grinds Better Than You and This Video is Proof

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Good news: the Dominican Diaries are back – sort of.

I was unexpectedly asked to attend the premiere of The Latin Explosion: A New America, a Tommy Mottola-produced documentary about the influence of Latin music in the U.S. mainstream. Little did I know that I’d be walking into a really fancy red carpet event – I’m talking George Lopez, Alex Sensation, the Estefan clan, Cheech Marin, Jose Feliciano (yes, the same guy that sings “Feliz Navidad”) and my ultimate 83-year-old role model Rita Moreno.

After the screening, I suspected there’d be a live performance by Pitbull, but to my surprise, a live band played hits from the golden era of salsa. While everyone was patting themselves on the back, my hero Rita (who’s no stranger to getting her perreo on) was hyping up the band with a near perfect impersonation of Johnny Pacheco directing the Fania All-Stars. It didn’t take much for the rest of the VIPs to get in the Fiesta Caliente Mood (?????? ) and flock to the dance floor. Things heated up the moment Rita took Emilio Estefan away from Thalia. She busted the sort of moves she’d break out at our Perreo party, if she ever came. Do yourself a favor and enjoy this TMZ-quality video. Realize for yourself that Rita perrea más que tú.

BTW Thalia: send me a DM with beauty tips. How the hell do you manage to look 20 when you’re over 40 years old?