‘Riverdale’ Cast Speaks Out For Nicaragua & The Executive Producer’s Father Amid Treason Charge

Lead Photo: Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for ReedPOP
Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for ReedPOP
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The cast of Riverdale is coming together to show support for their series creator, and his father. They are doing what they do best, getting in front of a camera and talking. But this latest message is one that hits home for the cast.  “My name is K.J. Apa and we’re on the set of Riverdale,” said the series star who plays Archie Andrews. “Over the years, all of us who have been part of making this show have become a family.”

Riverdale’s showrunner, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, and his family have been in turmoil personally. His father, Francisco Aguirre-Sacasa, has been sentenced in Nicaragua for treason and conspiracy. 

The 77-year old elder Aguirre-Sacasa’s whereabouts were unknown for two months. It would soon be discovered that prior to his sentencing,  he had been incarcerated for his outspoken criticism of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega.  It is believed that Aguirre-Sacasa along with other activists were kidnapped and held at the orders of President Ortega after their vocal opposition. 

To bring attention to the matter, the cast of the CW show released a taped message of support for Aguirre-Sacasa, his entire family, and those imprisoned. 

“The fans are a part of our family too. And we’re imploring you to use your voices to put pressure on the global community and rectify this miscarriage of justice,” actor Camila Mendes said in the video uploaded to YouTube and social media. 

“Getting the word out about what’s been happening in Nicaragua to my dad and so many others fighting for freedom and democracy is vital and may be life-saving,” writes the Riverdale showrunner. “Raise your voice in opposition to the outrageous violation of human rights being perpetrated against many innocent Nicaraguans. My heart goes out to all the families who have had their loved ones incarcerated unjustly by the Ortega regime.”

In the meantime, the Aguirre-Sacasa family is hoping that as word gets out pressure will mount in time for an upcoming hearing for Francisco. The website  has also been set up to distribute more information. There, you can sign a petition to free Francisco.