Band of the Day: Rocola Bacalao

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Rocola Bacalao, the self-proclaimed “La banda más chimba del mundo”  — or the ” The lamest band in the world” — are anything but.

Recreating  folkloric and popular Ecuadorian and Latin American  rhythms and melodies, yet taking  inspiration from traditional jazz and perhaps some ska, Rocola Bacalao’s music  is catchy yet certainly well considered and composed: you can hear the layers of musical reference, not to mention culture and styles.  However, its not only this Ecuadorian band’s rhythm and melody that has attracted fans for almost a decade, but their message.

Their lyrics are a commentary on  Ecuadorian, Latino and  even American society,  and at the end of the day, even if you don’t agree, you will certainly find it funny, as their criticism is hidden behind their tasteful humor . Altogether Rocola sounds new and refreshing; it is Latin American music rediscovered with a touch of humor and intellect. Rocola’s success has reached great heights; from doing a tour all around Latin America and Europe to an article in the Rolling Stone Argentina, to their last album Infierno, being produced by Tweety Gonzalez, we want to see them in the US!