People Are Raising Money for the Medical Bills of a 92-Year-Old Abuelito Attacked With a Brick

Lead Photo: Photo by Flying Colours Ltd / DigitalVision
Photo by Flying Colours Ltd / DigitalVision
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People are coming together to help Rodolfo Rodríguez, a Mexican man visiting family in Los Angeles, after a vicious attack left him with two broken ribs, a broken cheekbone, and bruising. At about 7 p.m. on Fourth of July, he went on a walk near 118th and Central when he bumped into an unknown woman’s child. The women then attacked him with a brick and four men – thought to be between the ages of 20 and 30 – joined in on assaulting the 92-year-old abuelito while reportedly telling him to go back to Mexico.

Rodolfo’s grandson, Erik Mendoza, described the attack: “And when he turned his back, they just tossed him on the floor and she started hitting him, and then she grabbed a brick and started hitting him with the brick, and then out of nowhere, he saw three-four other guys just come rushing and just start stomping on him.”

Eyewitness Misbel Borjas intervened and photographed the woman before calling the police. “When I [took] the picture, she said, ‘Oh, he tried to touch my girl,’” she said. “I saw everything. This [was] a lie.” Instead, Misbel – who said she almost came under attack as well – said she heard the mom shout, “Go back to your country, why are you here, bad things.”

The attackers dispersed as cops arrived to the scene. No arrests have been made so far, and Rodríguez’s family is filled with questions. “I’m just overwhelmed how anybody can do this to a human being at all,” he said. “He’s 92 years of age. There’s no harm that he meant for you to treat him the way you did.”

Erik started a GoFundMe campaign that has already raised more than $30,000. Donate here.

Check out Fox 11’s story below, but beware, it is hard to watch.

“Go back to Mexico!”VIDEO: A 92-year-old man visiting L.A. from Mexico is viciously attacked and beaten by a woman armed with a brick, as well as 3 other men who jumped in to join the attack. It happened on the 4th of July while Rodolfo Rodriguez was walking in Willowbrook, and the attackers allegedly made racist comments to him as they beat him. He accidentally bumped into the woman’s child while trying to pass them, and he says she started beating him. A witness intervened and snapped a photo of the woman before calling police. The LA County Sheriffs Department confirms the attack, and tells us they are investigating. The three other assailants are described as black males between the ages of 20-30. ARTICLE: GoFundMe has been set up by family for Rodriguez’s medical bills: is my report from Friday night for Fox 11 Los Angeles

Posted by Bill Melugin on Friday, July 6, 2018

Update, June 11, 2018 at 9:45 a.m. ET: Police have arrested 30-year-old Laquisha Jones on suspicion of beating Rodolfo. Her bail was set at $200,000, according to CNN.