At the 2019 Academy Awards, Roma could have taken home 10 Oscars. While the movie didn’t win in every category it was nominated, it was still a big night for director Alfonso Cuarón, who won a few Oscars, star Yalitza Aparicio – who represented her Indigenous culture beautifully even as many criticized her talent and looks – and the rest of the team.

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So after all the tense portion of the evening concluded, the Roma cast headed to an Oscars after party and had the most fun. In a video shared by Barry Jenkins – who directed and co-wrote Moonlight – the group is seen dancing and singing along to Juan Gabriel’s “No tengo dinero.”

Jenkins commented, “Say what you will about winning and losing and this and that but… SOOOOOOO much love and celebration here amongst the ⁦⁩ team.”

When Diego Luna arrived on the red carpet on Sunday night, he commented that he was happy to hear so much Spanish as he made his way inside. And when the ceremony started, a few others also spoke Spanish inside the Dolby Theatre.