Romney Shirts Coming to Latin America?

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Now with the Presidential election done and over with, we can begin to resume our scheduled programming. But, while lurking the web today, we came across a very important question and concern post- Obama re-election: What happens to all of that Romney-Ryan merch? While the defeated opponent’s pins and buttons usually continue to maintain some worth amongst collectors/hoarders/weirdos, t-shirts are low on the totem pole.

So, where do they go?? LATIN AMERICA, of course. According to BusinessWeek, Alan Garada, the president of merchandise recycler and reseller World Trade, says that by Christmas, many Latin Americans will probably be sporting Romney t-shirts that the campaign has donated. Four years ago, 150,000 McCain-Palin shirts were sold overseas, worn by many unsuspecting patrons. But, hey, a shirt on a back is a shirt on a back,and in the case of Latinos, also a big slap to the Romney campaign.