Rosario Dawson Endorses Bernie Sanders, Rips the DNC a New One

On Tuesday night, Rosario Dawson showed up for Bernie Sanders in San Diego. The Daredevil actress endorsed Sanders and introduced him at the rally. And she lambasted the Democratic National Convention’s super-delegates process for making it difficult for grass-roots campaigns like Bernie’s to get any traction.

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“I’ve been here to this convention center many, many times but I’ve never seen anything like this. The mass media said ‘don’t bother,’ but you showed them what’s up,” she began, before explaining that Bernie has drawn a diverse and young following.

“Understand how significant this is, you’re here because you’re talking to each other, not because you are being encouraged by the DNC, not because you are being encouraged by the media. But because you’re talking to each other,” she said. “Deborah Wasserman Schultz said, the reason super delegates exist is specifically to push back against grass roots organizing… The youth has always been on the right side of history on every issue. They talked about those hippy college kids when they were protesting against Vietnam. Martin Luther king Jr, who Bernie Sanders walked with, couldn’t have gotten and done what he did if it wasn’t for high school students who said I’m not afraid to do a sit in. They didn’t listen to us when we said no on the bail out. They didn’t talk about how remarkable and beautiful it was when millions of people around the world marched for peace before a war, before the Iraq war millions of people across nations, marched across cultures, across language and said no. So Bernie wasn’t the only one who was right to vote against the Iraq war. We were!”

The entire speech is rousing. Check it out entirely above.