Rosie Perez is Rumored to Have Left ‘The View’ Early After Being Forced to Apologize to Kelly Osbourne

Lead Photo: Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival
Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival
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Rosie Perez, the best part of The View, was supposed to sign off from the daytime talk show this month, but the Daily Mail Online claims she was so fed up she left two days early. Rosie was reportedly asked to apologize to Kelly Osbourne, who in trying to defend the Latino community, reduced them to a stereotype. After saying that Donald Trump would be helpless without all his toilet-cleaning Latinos, Rosie expressed disappointment. She eventually said, “Latinos are not the only people doing that.” Kelly tried defending herself before the show cut to commercial, and then some more drama went down.

A source said that during the break, Rosie was told she had to apologize to Kelly. Whether or not that’s true, Rosie did say she was being “sensitive” and that Kelly was on Latinos’ side during the last segment. After that, Rosie and TV execs engaged in a screaming match, where she was supposedly made to apologize to Kelly on Twitter as well. 

The two apologies upset Latinos, and she was met with a flood of disapproving messages. She responded by explaining that she didn’t regret telling Kelly she was wrong, but that she should have acted differently. But after all the exhausting dramz, she peaced out prematurely.

Rosie has yet to speak out publicly about this, but E! News says it’s not true. “Laughably false,” a source said. “Rosie’s days off were scheduled the day before Kelly was a guest on The View. What she said at the end of the show and what she tweeted to Kelly were entirely genuine. No one made her do anything. And she and Kelly spoke after the show.”

Update, August 8 at 4:15 p.m.: The Daily News has debunked the Daily Mail‘s report. Rosie’s last show will air on Friday.