Ruthless Dictator Porfirio Díaz Gets a Statue in Mexico and People Are Pissed

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Today, a statue of Porfirio Díaz was unveiled in the Mexican city of Orizaba to honor the former dictator’s economic contributions to the country, and people are pretty furious about it. After all, the economic stability that Díaz brought to Mexico during his 30 year-rule from 1884 to 1910 came with a price: the virtual elimination of indigenous influences and culture, the exploitation of Mexico’s natural resources for foreign gain, and the violent suppression of the lower classes.

The city officials responsible for the Díaz statue admit that the former dictator “committed errors,” which include a 1907 massacre that killed something like 400 workers striking near a Rio Blanco textile factory. But they say he’s still worthy of a statue because of $$$ and stuff. According to the Associated Press, city spokesman Javier Puga said, “The part we are recognizing is the development that occurred, particularly in Orizaba.” Yeah, tell that to the people who protested the statue and then shouted assassin as it was erected.

On Twitter, people have written about the types of things that Diaz should be remembered for, and they’re not the progress of Orizaba. Check out the tweets below: