Salamanca Diaries: Balls Are Really Important In Spain, A Video Tutorial

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Remezcla blogger Juli Nalerio explains it all from Salamanca, Spain. OLE.

They say los cojones is the word with the most linguistic-semantic variation in El castellano. Based on personal experience, I would say this is more or less true. For example,  Spain’s many protesters, old and young alike, are hasta los cojones with bullshit government policies and the gradual privatization of their health care system. A Spanish parent, pissed off at their kid says, niño deja de tocarme los cojones. A person with a lot of experience tiene los cojones pelados de tanto repetirlo. Ew… and the list goes on.

Really, it does. If someone does something crazy awesome, like winning a tough bet, or whatever bravado (you know a dumb brave thing), tiene más cojones que el caballo de Espartero. FYI, Espartero is a statue—there is one in Logroño and another in Madrid–said to have the biggest balls in all of Spain.

I went with a male friend to visit our friend Laura and her family in Logroño during vacaciones at the end of December. She was very hospitable and took Manu and I to see the mythic balls and snap some photos… Yes, they are THAT famous. They’re a tourist attraction. There’s a Mecano song. Manu was all like, just don’t compare, okay?! The balls are not human. Hellooo,… they’re the horse’s balls, not the general’s, people.

Now watch this educational video, tío–>

[insert-video youtube=ILG_04jSLqk]


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