Stray Dog Buys His Own Salchicha, Proving Why He’s Named Cabrón

Lead Photo: Photo by Hanna Rönér / EyeEm
Photo by Hanna Rönér / EyeEm
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If you spend any time on the internet, you may already know that dog videos are never a waste of time. This is especially true about a Mexico City-set video about Cabrón, a stray dog that asks strangers for change so he can buy salchichas.

Serch Vazquez posted the video on Facebook and explained that Cabrón approaches people and places his paw on their legs to get their attention. In the video, the man (presumably Serch) gives him a coin and Cabrón walks over and places the money on the counter. The dog, standing on his hind legs and tail wagging, then patiently waits for his meal.

It’s a sweet and funny moment that has gone wildly viral online. Check it out below.