Salma Hayek Almost Quit Acting for This Reason

Lead Photo: Photo by Michael Ostuni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images
Photo by Michael Ostuni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images
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Having a career as an actor can be demanding and takes a toll on people who don’t know how to handle the fame and time commitment. In a recent interview with Vogue México, Salma Hayek opened up about how she at one point considered leaving the film industry completely to be a mother.

Like many entertainers, Hayek had always dreamed of being a parent and waited until she met the right person to create her family. As Hayek told Vogue México, she became a mother later in life after finding the love of her life. She almost left her career behind to dedicate her time and energy to raising her daughter, Valentina Paloma Pinault. Hayek tells Vogue México that she wanted to have a daughter more than anything else.

Hayek said that she was happy with the work she had done and felt that she had done so many things to be proud of. It made sense to her to leave her career behind and focus on being a mother, but her husband, François Henri Pinault, thought differently.

“François helped me because I was willing not to work anymore, but when Valentina was a little more than a year old, he told me that I should go back to work because there might be a point when I would miss my profession because it was something that I celebrated because it allows me to unleash my creativity, and I’m an artist,” Hayek told Vogue México.

She added: “It was about three years after having Valentina that I started to act again little by little and started traveling, but it was when she was seven years old that I started to find her own rhythm and space.”

While we totally understand the desire to be there for your child, we are grateful that Salma Hayek continued to act while finding her balance. There’s never any shame in taking a break to take care of yourself and your family.