Salma Hayek with a Beard

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Oh, Ms. Hayek, you have graced us with your face (and two best friends!) on screens for years and now she is appearing in a new film with John C. Reilly, Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant. The movie itself is about a teen (Chris Massoglia) whose life is turned upside down by his involvement with a secret society of vampires at war with a different set of vampires.

While the film itself has received mostly negative reviews, the most important thing is that Salma Hayek is in it and judging by the picture, she’s not the main squeeze to anybody (if only that were true in real life). However, while looking at the trailers for the film, I was struck by a weird feeling; she’s still kind of banging with that beard on.

Let me make this clear, it takes a lot of innate beauty to thwart hours and hours of laborious make up work and still come out a bit attractive and while she is by no means the main draw to the movie, well, she does play some sort of bearded lady with powers but that is irrelevant to the topic at hand: her awesome beard.

One other thought; while looking up Salma Hayek on Google, the search engine placed her boobs at the top of the list! This means that I am not the deviant I thought I was and there are a lot of inquisitive minds out there who are dying to know about her two new best friends! As for the movie, eh, judging from talk around the innerwebs, the response has been tepid to say the least. Don’t fret Salma, you’ll still have plenty of fans eager to see your performances, preferably alone and with the blinds down.

The film has been released today and is playing  nationwide.

Check out the trailer: