Salsation Presents The Brown Supremacy

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Do you really think George Lopez is the only funny Latino out there? Please! Take the Salsation guys, for example. The troupe performed on January 9 at  The Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival, the biggest event of its kind, and it was a total hit! The festival gathers the most amusing comedians from around the country every year, and on this edition,  The Brown Supremacy by Salsation was deemed hilarious by the audience. The play deals with the joy of the first nominated Hispanic Supreme Court Justice, as well as family life and immigration.

Salsation presented sketches that addressed the hearings of Judge Sonia Sotomayor, dealing with racism among senators. As a little bonus, there was a very funny sketch about an undocumented Superman that indirectly spoke of the immigration dilemma. And on another bit, Willy Wonka moved his factory to Mexico thanks to NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)!

The brilliant cast is formed by Ramon Charriez, Rose Guccione, Gabriel Martinez, Maria Mendoza, Horacio Ramirez, Shantel Rodriguez and Nelson Velazquez. The play, directed by Patrick Garone, reached out to Latinos in Chicago and left them cracking up, but also with many things to consider. The Brown Supremacy definitely dissolves you into laughter, but it also acknowledges the underlying issues in the Latino community, while making us very aware of them in a fun and entertaining way.