Salvador Dali Museum Scheduled To Open On 1/11/11…in St. Petersburg, Florida

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We vividly remember stumbling out of the RENFE station in Figueres — home to the Dalí Museum in Catalonia, Spain — half asleep, and slighly inebbriated from a previous night’s “Marcha” in Barcelona, and being overwhelmed with fervent pleasure because we were in the birthplace of the godfather of Surrealism. No offense to Floridians, but we can’t seem to imagine the same whimsy and excitement overcoming us in St. Petersburg.

Originally opened in 1982, The Dalí Museum is getting a $36 million revamping and opening up its doors on 1/11/2011 at approximately 1:11pm for a grand opening of Metamorphosis of Narcissus proportions. The new museum will house over 2,000 pieces of art in a 66,500 square foot space, double the size of the museum’s current space. That’s a lot of Surrealism. And we think families everywhere should add it to their Walt Disney World itineraries.

Check out a photo of the museum’s exterior below.