This Salvadoran Woman Perfectly Imitates the Accents of Fresas, Novela Stars & Voice-Over Actors

Every Latin American country has its own swagger, and language is one of the easiest ways to see that. Spanish connects many countries in Latin America and Spain, but if you just travel a little (or live some place like Miami), you’ll see just how unique the language can be. One Salvadoran woman has become so well-versed in Spanish accents that she recorded a video of herself perfectly mimicking 20 different ones, including Mexican, Nicaraguan, Chilean, and Venezuelan. She also adds in some fun ones, like a chica fresa from Mexico, the Salvi mercado lady, and CNN en Español. Her neutral Spanish is the typical accent used for dubbing film and TV shows.

El Salvador and Mexico are overly represented in this video, but she does cover 10 different countries. When La Pupusa shared it on Facebook, it received more than a million views. While she continues gaining internet praise, I will continue shaming my family with my inability to do a Cuban accent. Check out the video above.