A Santurce Restaurant Under Fire After Customer Receives Receipt Printed With Words ”Negro Feo”

Lead Photo: Photo by Ivan Bajic / iStock / Getty Images Plus
Photo by Ivan Bajic / iStock / Getty Images Plus
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Anti-blackness is global, and unfortunately a part of day-to-day life. For one person, patronizing Café 18 in Santurce ended in the customer getting a receipt that read “NEGROFEO,” something that has generated outrage online.

Juan Ceri shared the image on his Facebook account. On the lefthand corner, the words appear.  “It’s shameful in these times,” he wrote. “… We cannot endorse this type of behavior.”

Since his image went viral, people have called for boycotts and spoken out against the restaurant. Owner Alfredo Martínez has since tried to offer an explanation, stating that the words refer to the server and not the client (which, doesn’t make it any better, tbh).

“It’s not what it appears to be,” he said, according to Metro. “Unfortunately, it was taken out of context. To the gentleman, we explained the situation last night and apologized. Yes, it did happen, but it’s not what’s being claimed.”

Martínez added that the restaurant has fired the person who identified the server as “negro feo.”