SB 1070 Receives Lots Of Funding For Legal Fund

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Of the 42,000 donors shelling out cash in support of Arizona’s highly controversial immigration law, SB1070, Pittsburgh steel and banking heir Timothy Millon has given about 1.5 million dollars of a reported 3.6 million the law has received over the last few months. And just like that, we’re placing him under the same banner as David and Charles Koch, who The New Yorker reported earlier this year as secretly funneling to right-wing conservative while pretending to play footsie with liberals.

The funding, as reported by the Wall Street Journal, is necessary for a legal fund Arizona Governor Jan Brewer & Company have put together for the already $400,000 in legal fees the law has accumulated. That number is expected to hit almost $10 million in legal funds, with a fight to the US Supreme Court imminent.

Brewer is seeing great strides in the gubernatorial race where she leads Democratic candidate Terry Goddard by a whopping ten points, making matters in Arizona increasingly tense this coming election. So, Arizonian brethren, we’re suggesting you get out there and donate your time to vote come November 2. We won’t tell you who to vote for, but let’s just say we don’t want hard-working Latinos, like in this video, having to deal with daily scrutinization in the good ol’ US of A. Your thoughts?

via WSJ