Durango’s Scorpion Manicures Might Be the Most Badass Nail Trend Yet

Lead Photo: Photo via Dail Mail

We’ve seen El Chapo nail decals, bubble nails, and even furry nails. But of all the wild nail art trends, the most hardcore may be the scorpion manicures coming out of Durango, Mexico. A trend that cropped up last fall, scorpion manis involve placing dead baby scorpions on the nail and coating them under a layer of acrylic, which is then cured under UV light. The end result is pretty badass, and not without risks; according to medical professionals, the insects can remain venomous even after they’re dead.

While the trend may seem shocking to outsiders, it’s really just a natural extension of the deep-rooted place scorpions have in Duranguense culture. The northwestern Mexican state is famous for its scorpion fascination, and even their soccer team is called Los Alacranes de Durango. Scorpion artisan Lupita Garcia, who came up with the idea to use scorpions in manicures, told the Daily Mail, “Most people think scorpions are to be feared, but I think they are animals of real beauty. I’m always innovating new ways to make art out of scorpions, and this manicure has been my biggest hit.” Then again, a few moments later she was recounting some pretty unpleasant-sounding experiences with getting stung: “I’ve been stung enough to know that the pain of the venom is very intense. It gives you a terrible headache, your nose begins to bleed, your tongue goes numb and your throat feels like it’s lined with fur.” ?

Watch the video above to hear Garcia explain how she came up with the idea, and see how nail salon owner Rocío Vidales gets it done.

H/T Daily Mail.