SCVNGR Hunt En Tu Ciudad Spots: Chicago Part 2

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Lo mejor de lo mejor: a comer rico en Chi

Our last post on cultural centers in Chicago covered everything: music, art, literature, and dance. Or so we thought. It was brought to our attention that cooking is perhaps the most important of all the art forms. It does, after all, allow us to survive. Siendo buen diente como lo somos, we agree. Our bad. So in order to make up for last week’s oversight, we’re dedicating this entire blog post to the best of Latin food in Chi. Buen provecho.


The Best of los Mexicanos


In any American city no puede faltar un tal “Mexican” restaurant. Some are as authentic as Taco Bell. Some might have cooks who’ve actually been to Mexico. Weeding out the wannabes is what we’re here for, and here are our picks for the best tacos and tequila in town.

Caoba Mexican Bar and Grill

With classy décor, Caoba promises a sophisticated experience intimate enough for a date but loud enough for a fun group. Despite the threat of upscale prices, Caoba offers enticing promotions, like half off wine on Wednesdays, all-you-can-eat Sunday brunch for $9.95, and $12 margarita pitchers on Monday. SCVNGR also promises an extra 10% off any meal. Personally, we wouldn’t leave Caoba without tasting the Calamares a la Diabla that are spruced up with generous portions of garlic and white wine.

Zocalo Restaurant and Tequila Bar

Zocalo is dedicated to raising the stakes of Mexican cuisine. Their creative takes on Mexican staples, such as plantain stuffed empanadas, three takes on traditional salsa, and carnitas de pato –“crispy confit duck legs with ancho-peanut salsa” – promise a culinary adventure. The restaurant also stocks over 120 kinds of 100% blue agave tequila. You know what that means: pa’ arriba, pa’ bajo, pal centro, y pa dentro! Need we say more? Well, we will: expect 25% off any food purchase with SCVNGR, sweetening the arrival of the bill –that is, if you’re still sober enough to read it.

Fiesta Mexicana

Fiesta is the Mexican equivalent of comfort food. The menu is vast, and offers anything from sopes to flautas to queso fundido to burritos and tacos. It’s sure to satiate your craving for any specific Mexican dish and give rise to nostalgia, as the kitschy murals depict idyllic scenes of Mexico.


The big C’s: el Caribe y Colombia


Calypso Café

Calypso Café promises that it’s as good as a Caribbean getaway. On the 21st, Calypso will be giving away a gift certificate and t-shirt through SCVNGR, giving you the chance to take them up on their promise for free. With lively music, friendly staff, wicker baskets and palm trees, it definitely goes a long way to recreating the feeling of being lost on some beautiful island. Food wise, the pineapple-glazed tilapia and extensive selection of island cocktails (mojitos, mai tais, piña coladas, and more) look promising.

Litos Empanadas

Crispy, fried, stuffed Colombian pastries of all flavors comprise the menu at Litos. And at less than $3 each, you can try them all. And if you do, no te preocupes; tu corazón seguirá latiendo – Litos only uses 100% heart-healthy oil to deep-fry their delicious empanadas. Whether it’s for a snack or for a quick lunch, make sure you take advantage of the 10% SCVNGR discount.


Others worth Mentioning:


La Palma

This Puerto Rican restaurant in Logan Square, aside from offering delicious mofongo, also has live music several nights a week. Don’t forget to claim your 20% off with SCVNGR.

Tumbao Bar and Grill

With live salsa music and Caribbean inspired small plates, Tumbao is an authentic place to eat fried plantains, play cards or dominos. Enjoy the 10% off you get with SCVNGR.

We don’t know how you feel, but here at Remezcla we’re convinced that in addition to culture, Chicago tiene sazón!



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