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Cultureless Chicago: Not on our Watch

A couple weeks ago, we published an article about the disappearance of Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs. In it, we argued that now, more than ever, local arts visionaries will have to lead the way in preserving and promoting everything this city has to offer. But…where are they? What are they doing?


This week, we’ve decided to put you in touch with what Chicago has to offer in terms of food, music, dance, and art. In other words, we want to give you a cultural taste of Chi’s best. For the full list of our picks, go on SCVNGR and play “Juke the City.” Not only will you discover the best of the Chicago underground, you could also earn discounts everywhere you go, win an iPad, a free meal, free salsa classes, maybe even a new car. Nada mal, eh?

If it’s literature that you’re interested in, head to the Tres Americas Bookstore in Irving Park. This rare enclave of Spanish Language literature has been around for more than 20 years and has become a staple of the community. Don’t expect Tres Americas to stop at Cervantes and Marquez –it dedicates itself to expanding your perception of all things Spanish. Who knows, on your trip there you might just find the latest on sexual advice from Venezuelan actor and Harvard alum Luis Fernández, or the latest issue of Colombian literary magazine El Malpensante.

But not all culture has to be stuffy or require long hours of focus. How about participating in some of that culture yourself? Just by checking in on SCVNGR at Sway Dance Studio you’re eligible for 25% off any private lesson. Why not try your hand at the tango or perfect your bachata? To add icing on the cake, on January 6th the studio will be handing out free dance classes to Remezcla readers!

Pero si lo que te pica el ojo es el arte, we think you should go on a mural hop of Pilsen. Some of them, like “There is Culture in our Community,” resonate particularly well with the current cultural climate of Chicago. Others, like “The Wall of Hope” or “Reforma y Libertad,” are inspiring celebrations of our Latin American heritage. “Sírvales” even depicts holy water poured on the community, proving that Pilsiners are indeed blessed. Don’t forget to check in at each place you visit to get ever closer to that spanking brand new Nissan Juke.

Y no faltaba un poquito de música verdad? Reckless Records offers a sweet little bit of everything to please anyone: cds, dvds, video games, and (our favorite) hefty collections of vinyl (both LPs & 7 inches). On your next visit, check out the latest reissue of Miguel y el Comité: Para hacer música, Para hacer… or even hunt around the vinyl collection for an original. Your purchase could even be free, because Reckless is giving out a gift certificate to one lucky SCVNGR player on January 14th and 26th.

So dance, read, listen, see: Chicago is yours for the taking.



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