SCVNGR Hunt En Tu Ciudad Spots: Los Angeles Part 2

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Nonconventional Art in Los Angeles

When thinking of LA, most think of Hollywood and don’t bother to go further, doing a disservice to the array of artistic expressions found in this city. This weekend, instead of going to the movies for another blockbuster you can’t help but feel you’ve seen before, head to one of the following venues and push the boundaries of artistic creation.


Meltdown Comics and Collectibles

Even if nunca has estado obsesionado con Superman, a visit to Meltdown is always worth the trip. After all, it is one of the most respected comics stores in the world. It could even charge admission like museums do, but we’re grateful it doesn’t. What we like most about Meltdown is that it’s the largest pop culture emporium west of the Rockies. At 9,000 square feet, 2,000 of which are gallery space, the store hosts everything from visual art shows to lectures and free performances from the city’s best DJs. One final incentive, in addition to the 10% discount SCVNGR offers at Meltdown, is the quirky fact that the store was featured in The Simpsons episode “Husbands and Knives,” making it a cultural landmark you MUST visit.

Io West Theater

Myke Myers, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Chris Farley all had their beginnings at Io or Io West theaters. These theaters are dedicated to showcasing the best of improv while also offering classes to improve your improvisational skills. Co-founder Charna Halpern and improv director Del Close are credited with developing the groundbreaking strategy of mutual agreement that pushed the art form to a whole new level. Bill Murray hailed the book they co-authored as “the most important group work since they built the pyramids.” Así que de esta no te salvas, especially because with SCVNGR once you buy a ticket, you get one for FREE.

LA Murals

Have you ever stopped to examine Theresa Powers’s mural, on 1200 N. Echo Park Avenue, of La Quinceañera? Or ever wondered about the story behind the “Remember Who You Are” mural in Santa Monica? It’s the work of artist Chase, who goes around the world painting free murals with hopeful messages including, “We are all one,” and, “Only we can save us.” His works have appeared in Prague, Budapest, Paris, Long Beach, and 1929 Main Street, Santa Monica, just a drive away. We think you should spend a day viewing some of the most powerful visual art in LA –which also happens to be available for free.

Lomography Gallery Store
To add another dimension to your trip, stop by Lomography Gallery Store on the 21st, since they’ll be handing out a Diana F+ Camera with flash and film to one lucky SCVNGR player. With the camera, designed to produce an old school feel and vibrant colors, your pictures of the murals could turn out as works of art themselves.

If after all the mural hopping you feel inspired to create, check out LA’s Montana Store. It’s the premier spot in the city to satiate artistic graffiti needs. It’s also giving out a free six-paint-pack to one SCVNGR player (also on the 21st), so you can spruce up those bare white walls that now dominate your pad with the hippest designs.



















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