SCVNGR Round Up: It’s Not Too Late!

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We think we’re doing pretty well with our New Year’s resolution to get to know our cities. So far, we’ve gone mural hopping in San Francisco, shopped for the edgiest fashion LA has to offer, and gorged ourselves on the best Latin food Chi boasts. And we can’t forget –though we don’t perfectly remember– the half-drunken Sunday we spent in New York’s LES and East village . Xoxa woke up the next day with an interesting souvenir from Dare Devil Tattoo , though what it is we’ve sworn not to tell. We must admit however, that a picture is worth, in this case, por lo menos mil palabras.


If you’ve joined us and are helping translate our resolution into action by playing SCVNGR, we’re sure you’ve discovered, like Marc Anthony did, que “Valió la Pena.” Hopefully you have a new iPad or cute haircut to show for it, but, if nothing else, you’ve discovered an awesome restaurant or fashion boutique in your hometown – and discovered it at discounted prices, no less. We take off our hats to anyone who is committed to making the best of every opportunity these great metropolises offer.

If you’re someone who thinks you’re too busy, or that it’s simply too late to visit all 20 venues and drive home in a brand new Nissan Juke, well, we’re here to tell you que estás más que equivocado. The game ends the 28th, and last time we checked, that’s five days away. You can still eat a free pizza once you buy two beers at LA’s Melgard Public House, or catch a free lounge performance at San Fran’s Yoshi’s jazz club and Japanese restaurant. For that matter, 2-Bad Vintage in LA will be giving away a $75 gift certificate on the 26th. And, that same day, all Chi SCVNGR players will be eligible for a $25 gift certificate at Reckless Records.

It’s late in the game. There’s no getting past it. We’ve reached the final countdown. But it’s not too late to see January off with a bang. Who knows? If you’re lucky, you just might get to speed into February in a brand new car.



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