Season 3 Release Date Announced: Netflix Tortures ‘Orange is the New Black’ Fans With More Waiting

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We’ve got good news! Our favorite Latina actors will be back for season three of Orange is the New Black this summer. Netflix just announced the official premiere date and although it’s comforting to have an end date to our misery, it’s still torturous to know that the wait for new episodes is more than three months away. Set your clocks, watches, and calendar reminders for June 12, 2015. That’s when the third season drops. We’ll be counting down the days.

If you’ve been paying attention to Netflix’s other original series, you’ll be happy to know that Sense8 (a science fiction series by the creators of The Matrix trilogy starring several Latino actors) is scheduled for June 5, 2015. Dates for Netflix’s first Spanish-language show Club de Cuervos and the Pablo Escobar series Narcos are not firm yet but are slated for 2015.